Uhuru Kanyatta in kakuma

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto on Monday toured Turkana where they wooed residents to reelect them on August 8.
The leaders said their administration is behind key electricity, water, improved health services and road projects in the region hence needs backing.
Uhuru and the DP flew to Kakuma, whose facilities were far-stretched by refugees from South Sudan, and then onwards to Lokitaung.
They were due to also visit the oil town of Lokichar, before holding a rally in Lodwar.
The President said Turkana has received billions of shillings over the last four years under the devolution agenda.
He said the county has also been granted more billions in investments by the national government that have significantly improved the lives of the pastoral community.
Uhuru laughed off claims that Turkana is an ODM zone after residents turned up draped in the red colours of the Jubilee Party.
“The opposition leaders were in government holding various positions for decades. What did Turkana have to show in that time? Don’t be led astray by people who have never had you on their agenda.”
“They are a greedy lot that has always thought only about themselves,” the President told the residents in his address.
Uhuru urged those who attended his rally to turn out in their numbers to re-elect the Jubilee administration adding that it has demonstrated its commitment to their welfare.
“We have initiated the construction and tarmacking of 650 km of roads. For the first time, Kakuma is being connected to electricity through diesel powered generator.”
He also said the whole of Turkana is going to be connected to the national electricity grid after the last mile connectivity project in Lokichar is switched on.


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