AAHI-I is a regional African-led non-governmental organization that supports livelihood-challenged communities in East and Southern Africa to sustainably improve living standards with programs in South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Zambia and recently in Djibouti.

AAHI-I has over 25years experience working with communities in conflict and post-conflict situation including refugees, internally displaced people and host communities, including pastoralist and people living in informal urban settlements.

Kuza Biashara is an organization offering small business learning, training, and empowerment in Africa. For an individual to apply for this training one must be able to write at least one of the following language which are: English, Kiswahili, Arabic, and French. Business individual is highly encouraged to apply for the training and deadline date is on 3rd November 2017.

The application should be submitted at the following places:

  1. Reception Center at the gate
  2. Social Services at the gate
  3. NCCK compound at the gate
  4. Business Center – Kalobeyei


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