Dreams from Kakuma Refugee Camp
Dreams from Kakuma Refugee Camp

Our memories of school vary, depending on whether you attended a school that serves as a polling station, or one that serves as a presidential debate venue. Some of us attended schools that forced us to inadvertently practice rugby skills every meal time. Others attended schools where meal etiquette was a thing, and they had to practice how to use an array of forks and spoons for one meal. Regardless of what your school experience sounds like, the bottom line is that you did go to school. You had a chance at education, and that has contributed to the kind of life you live today.

Sophia is a vibrant 15-year-old living in Kakuma Refugee Camp. She was born and has lived in the camp all her life. Her parents fled the violence in Somalia two decades ago, and Kakuma refugee camp is the only home Sophia knows. She has never traveled outside of the town of Kakuma town. All the images of Nairobi that she has are a figment of her imagination. Despite the challenges of growing up in a refugee camp, Sophia has dreams of becoming a journalist. She speaks impeccable English and Swahili and is justifiably a teacher’s pet.

Four years ago, Safaricom partnered with the Vodafone Foundation and UNHCR to support the Instant Network Schools (INS) programme in the refugee camps. The INS program provides tablets, a laptop, projector, classroom management and quality global education content to promote digital learning for students living and studying in the refugee camps. Through this support, students like Sophia have a chance to realize their dreams. In addition to studying on the INS tablets, Sophia watches Youtube Videos of distinguished CNN and BBC news anchors and practices how to be a journalist.

Sophia is ready for the future. She believes she can achieve her dreams. She will go to the University, study journalism and tell the world the story of her country and her people. And the stories of young girls like her who continue to hold on to their dreams in the most difficult of circumstances. Sophia believes she can, and Safaricom believes in in her dreams. No dream is too big, because when we come together great things happen. #Twaweza

Source article and Content by Sharon Telewa, Safaricom.

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