This screen capture image shows the Choose Love store project which was launched by Glimpse and Help Refugees. (@helprefugeesuk) (Screen capture) ( Instagram )

In London’s Soho, a new pop-up shop named ‘Choose Love’ asks customers to buy real gifts for refugees in an alternate take on holiday shopping.

“The idea of it was to change the nature of Christmas consumerism,” Amelia Cooper of Help Refugees said.

The concept and design of the Choose Love store was developed by Glimpse, a collective for creative people who want to use their skills for good.

“It is the first store in the world where you can buy real products that’ll be distributed to refugees,” Cooper said.

With the Choose Love store project, creative collective Glimpse and UK NGO Help Refugees wanted to turn Christmas shopping to the advantage of refugees.

Help Refugees which seeks a new movement of humanitarian aid supports 80 different projects around the world and has already sent out shipments to camps across the Greek Islands.

In 2016, the UN refugee crisis agency said the number of displaced people was at its highest ever with current numbers surpassing 65 million.

TRT World’s Yasmin Khatun-Dewan reports from London.


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